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      Automatic distillation apparatus

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      Automatic distillation apparatus


      Double distillation apparatus, automatic tube automatic distillation apparatus

      Set of mechanical, optical and electronic technology in one, the inlet temperature sensor, the readings of the measuring cylinder with NC optical detection system. Can automatically complete the whole process of distillation experiment, application in naphtha, gasoline, diesel, kerosene, fuel oil and other mineral oil under normal pressure distillation characteristics measurement, also can organic liquid boiling range measurement, except with the existing automatic distillation all automatic characteristics, more automatic determination of the endpoint of the patented technology.

      Meet the standard:

      ASTM D86 GB/T6536-1997

      Determination of boiling range of volatile organic liquids used in GB/T7534-1987 industry

      Technical index:

      It is equipped with LCH-1 serial port, the data can be transferred to the computer. LCH-3 in addition to the serial port is also equipped with a network interface.

      It shows that: 320 x 240 LCD display Chinese characters (LCH-1 type) 9 inch color touch screen (LCH-3) type

      This temperature range: 0 ~ +400 resolution: 0.1 DEG C,

      * volume detection range: 0 ~ 100mL, resolution 0.1mL

      * distillation rate: 2 ~ 5mL/min (adjustable)

      By measuring element: PT100 (Germany)

      Print: external printer.

      This way: refrigeration compressor refrigeration or electronic refrigeration optional

      This mode of operation: keyboard control program

      This cold bath constant temperature range: 0 to 60 DEG C

      This distillation heating method: infrared radiation heating

      Total power: 2.5kW.

      By using environment temperature: 10 ~ 40 degrees relative humidity: less than 80%

      The liquid level automatic tracking system.

      By automatically finding zero

      You can automatically track the meniscus cylinder samples (consistent with human)

      * Automatic nitrogen protection device (automatic fire extinguishing nitrogen)

      Do you automatically

      Note: when ordering that single or double pipe type is the same

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