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      Day company
      Date:2015-12-30   Hit:1468

      On the day the company sincerely hope that we can contribute to the revitalization of the national industry!

      The company's main products: the Coulomb method trace water meter, volumetric method of trace water meter, liquid hydrocarbon flash vapor sampling device, automatic ethylene, propylene in trace water meter, bromine, bromine index, trace oxygen analyzer, micro computer and no pyridine card reagent, such as nearly twenty kinds of products, are high-tech products. Liquid hydrocarbon flash steam sampling device for the company's patented products. All the performance of the instrument is in the leading level in the same industry in China. In the same industry, the performance of some products is better than that of foreign products. The production equipment to the analysis of data is accurate, fast and simple operation and other characteristics by people who love. Today, the sales network covering the whole country, and the national nearly twenty provincial experts recognized, there are more than a hundred large and medium-sized petrochemical, power, chemical companies to become its stable users.



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